We are an Australian owned cleaning and home maintenance company. We aim to reduce the hassle you go through when needing to get your cleaning and home maintenance jobs done by giving you access to multiple services at once. We are also here to ensure that your cleaning tasks are completed at a high standard. By using our service:

  • You no longer need to worry about cleaners cancelling on you and you having to go through the struggle of finding another cleaner. We work with many service providers who are always available to get your job done.

  • You will not need to contact multiple services for different cleaning jobs. We are an all-in-one service. Just make a single call and any cleaning task will be completed for you.

  • Each completed job is thoroughly checked by our AusCleaner's team virtually or in person to ensure the job is completed at a high standard. 

  • The replacement or repair cost of any damage made during the cleaning or removal process will be covered. 

happy multicultural cleaners looking at camera while standing with cleaning supplies in of

Our Service Providers

Our Service Providers are other experienced business professionals who we have partnered with. We work together to give you access to multiple services and ensure that each job is completed at a high standard. As a result, this makes it easier for you to access various services at once without hassle.

As experienced business professionals, our Service Providers have customers at heart. Together, we understand how to serve you well and what it takes to offer a fantastic service.

Our Process


Call Us or Request a Quote


Quote Returned & Time Booked


You pay to AusCleaners account when the Service Provider arrives


Job completed, you inspect before the Service Provider leaves

Our Quality Guarantee

At AusCleaners, we put our customers first. We always strive for a high standard in every cleaning job we handle. Satisfaction guaranteed.